Another Pair – Another Pair of Bands

3 6 16 Cody 2 bands

For the second time this year a pair of snow geese decoyed. Both died and both were banded. These were 228 numbers apart. Banded the same day in Texas as adults in 2005. Lots of old banded birds this year.

We lost almost all of the birds that were staged on the lake last night. Yesterday there was at least 100,000. Today there is 10,000 maybe. Hopefully there will be migrating snow geese that will push through this area but as warm as it has been this spring makes me have doubts.

Those hunting Monday to Thursday we will have to see how things go. You’re here so let’s see how we do.

Those hunting Fri-Sun March 11-13. I will be calling with options for you. I don’t think Nebraska will be very good next weekend.