Are you ready yet?

The last two mornings have been in the -20 degree range here in Iowa. Although it is rough being away from the family it is welcome to head south were the temp’s are warmer.

Temps in Missouri look good on the 10 day forecast. Most days are above freezing with several days in the low 40’s. I’ve had a snow goose guide in Missouri a couple weeks working and bow hunting. He saw scattered flocks of snow geese migrating north. This is pretty typical. The birds will push up to Mound City to feed during the day then fly back south. This will continue to happen until Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge has open water. Our guide tested the ground for frost and it doesn’t appear that there is much in the ground. This should cut down on the mud. The really muddy years are when the frost is driven deep into the ground.

Our first group of snow goose hunters start on Feb 13.