Arkansas Feb 3, 2022

We had some weather today. It didn’t turn out as bad as it could have, but it certainly slowed the hunting. The drive in the morning was a slow go, and the ride back was even slower as the road were worse. Arkansas doesn’t have the equipment I see in Iowa to move snow and clear the roads.

We had a couple of zero’s today, and the high field shot 35. There were more flocks we couldn’t shoot into than we did as there Speck mixed in them. We never pull the trigger on mixed flocks.

Tomorrow is our last day for the first group of hunters. There were some fantastic hunts earlier in the week. Based on the number of juvy’s we saw, I would expect the hunting to be excellent once the weather warms and we get those juvy’s back. Saturday is the youth duck hunt, and we will set a couple of spreads that day and be back hunting on Sunday.

We have openings in all three locations. If the first few days are any indication, it will be a good year. Call Brad 563-380-7122 for dates and info.