Arkansas Hunting Reports 2/7/2016

Yesterday was the youth duck hunting in Arkansas so we couldn’t run snow goose hunters. We did some scouting and set a spread in an area we have done well on in that past. There is a fair number of birds in that area but it is a haul of a drive. Don’t really like driving that far but you gotta do what you gotta do.

A friend of mine was guiding duck hunters yesterday. He said he saw a fair number of snow geese heading north yesterday. This morning our snow goose guides are seeing a migration from the south. We are starting to get reports of bigger numbers north of us in the usual areas. It’s tempting to move north however it’s only Feb 7th. There has to be more snow geese migrating up from the south. Those birds are likely that older age class of adults. Besides I’m not too convinced that El Niño will eliminate likelihood of another major snow storm or two which could push birds back down to us.

Tomorrow they are calling for colder weather with a chance of flurries in our area of Arkansas.