Arkansas Hunting Reports – 2/7/2016


Billy 2-7-2016

The new spread we set paid off.  The group that hunted that field shot 68 snow geese. We were not at full strength with our fields but had a nice day with 109 snow geese harvested between all the fields for a 21.8 bird average.

There was a pretty good push of specks yesterday and some snow goose migration however the migrators we not real willing to stop. There would be some that would peal out of the migrating flocks giving the snow goose decoys a look but it was one high pass then they left.

We are back in full force. The afternoon hunts in Arkansas have been fairly slow with the exception of one day this year.  Unless we see a big push of birds you might want to take a small break in the middle of the day returning for the evening. Your best odd of killing birds is late in the day right now. What is happening in some fields is the hunters sit out all day and give up before the end of the day which is when you have the highest likelihood of seeing birds. Ask your guide their opinion and they can give you guidance on what the birds have been doing.