Arkansas Snow Goose Hunting Recap

First I would like to thank the hunters this weekend. It was very slow hunting and most of you didn’t hunt Sunday to allow us to get our decoys out of the ground prior to a ice/snow storm. So far it has not been as bad as the forecast predicted however it rained before the snow. There would have been a thick coat of ice on the snow goose decoys which would have crippled us on our move to Nebraska. Several groups even helped pull decoys. We are very thankful for you flexibility.

As I said the hunting was very slow this weekend. By far the slowest of the season. We saw birds but it wasn’t a lot and they didn’t want to decoy. We harvested 2228 snows in Arkansas which is a 21 bird average. If we would have gotten that average with a bunch of 30 bird days and a bunch in the teens it would have been better than the way it played out this year. We had a bunch of 40-80 bird days and a bunch of single digits. This big swing was great if you were here at the high but not so much if you are here at the lows.

We are letting the snow ride out today and hopefully heading to Nebraska early tomorrow morning.