Arkansas Snow Goose Hunting Report – 2/10/2016

I drove another 400 something miles today looking for snow geese. After this drive I have a better feeling about the next 11 days if the weather play out as predicted. There is a pretty good number of birds to the south of us.

Here is the wind forecast for the next 10 days. It could and likely will change. Normally if you get more than 3 days out it changes.

2/11 NE 10-20 mph

2/12 W 5-10 mph (forecast was south earlier today…it has now changed)

2/13 NE 10-20 mph

2/14 ESE 10-15 mph

2/15 NNW 5-10 mph

2/16 SW 10-15 mph

2/17 WSW 10-15 mph

2/18 SSW 10-20 mph

2/19 SSW 15-25 mph

2/20 SW 10-15 mph

2/21 N 12 10-15 mph

From now until Monday its a big guess if snow geese will migrate. Starting Tue we are going to be having south winds for several days and that should move birds north.  Our plan is to stay here and wait for the birds to push north. We don’t have enough time to make a move. There is the option to move dates to openings in Nebraska.