Arkansas Snow Goose Hunting Report – 2/16/16

2 16 16 Loos AR best

When snow goose hunting you just never know what is going to happen. Some of my best hunts are on days when I thought the hunting would not be that good. Today was one of those days. Arkansas has been abnormally slow hunting for us this year. Today was not one of those days. There was a pretty thick fog and we were between the birds roost and where they wanted to feed. The geese flew low and couldn’t see far. Our hunters had around 120 by the time the fog lifted. Once the fog lifted the clouds cleared to reveal migrating snow geese. One field really shot them up. The above picture is of the 175 snow geese shot there today. The other Arkansas fields did good too. Low field shot 10.

In Nebraska the first group hunted about half the day. The wind was screaming most of the morning. It died a bit this afternoon. They ended the day with 9 birds. Not to bad for 2 hunters on a half day really. Tomorrow the wind will be less which should help hunting success. There are a ton of birds there right now.