Arkansas Snow Goose Hunting Report – 2/5 & 2/6/2016

Feb 5 Crocker

The first 5 days are in the books. Hunting was on the low side normal and compared to last spring was much slower. This first week of the Arkansas snow goose season last year we shot 1140 snow geese with a 48 bird average between all of my fields. That is exceptional. This year we shot 480 with a 14 bird average between them which is on the lower side of average. I always tell everybody teens and twenties is average. The birds seem to be scattered out more this year than others. We sure don’t have the concentration of birds in the area we have seen on previous seasons.

Hunting on 2/5/2016 was better than the day before but slower than average. It was the first day we shot some birds in the afternoon which was a nice change. Most of our fields were in the teens with a couple in the single digits. There was some birds pushed out of the south with the light south wind. More speck than snows but we saw a few migrating flocks of snow geese.

Dogs: It seem like every year dog are an issue. What most of you don’t understand that almost 100% of the time on a mixed groups someone is going to be mad about a dog. If you want to hunt you dog with us you have to have your own field or pay for 6 and come with few or as many (up to 6) that you want. There is not an exception that will be made for just your dog. Almost all of my guides have dogs and those that don’t have ATV if the birds fall too far away.  If dogs continue to be an issue we will just stop allowing them on our hunts. With dogs beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is an awesome dog to someone is a worthless mutt to the next guy.

Today 2/6/2016 is the youth duck hunt. Good luck to all the young guys in the field today. We start back up hunting snows on Sunday.