Arkansas Snow Goose Hunting Reports 2/12/2016

2_12_2016 Jimmy crop

Today’s results are similar to the last weeks. High field was 22 followed closely by a 21. The other 5 fields saw and shot very few snow geese. I thought hard about this all afternoon and my gut is telling me to move to Nebraska. So the following is what I would like to do…

Attention Hunter Hunting Feb 15-21. We are going to start moving to Nebraska.  I would like those of you hunting Feb 15-18 to move your dates to Nebraska Feb 22-25 if possible. The same is true for those hunting Feb 19-21. We want to move you to Nebraska but not change your dates. At minimum 3 fields are going to Nebraska. If you can’t move we can hunt up to 5 fields in Arkansas. If there is more than 5 that can’t or won’t move then we will have to postpone someone. Give Brad a call tomorrow during the day at 563-380-7122 or me at 563-419-3572. I will be pulling spreads tomorrow during the day. You can move to any open date in Nebraska as well.