Arkansas Snow Goose Hunting Reports – 2/9/2016


Today I drove 691 miles scouting without much to show for it. Tomorrow I will head another direction.

Hunting today was slow again. My gut feeling is we are just between birds. There are a fair number of days with a south winds in the forecast over the next 10 day. At this point it is not going to be practical to move anywhere other than on our scheduled move to Nebraska. It takes at minimum of 4 and likely 5 or 6 days to move all of our equipment. We are going to stay where we are until Feb 21. If any of you that are hunting Feb 12 – 21 are uncomfortable with this you can change dates to Nebraska. The drive might be a little longer and the license cost a little more but its a good area and the hunting here has been slow recently. You can call me on my cell 563-419-3572 or Brad 563-380-7122 to discuss or move hunt dates.