Arrived in Nebraska

We arrive in Nebraska late Tuesday. Yesterday we scouted and lined up new fields. Today we will do the same. There are a lot of snow geese in the area. I’d say several hundred thousands bunching up in massive feeds. My biggest concern is the weather. Snow on Saturday and it is suppose to remain below normal cold. Average high temp is 44. We won’t hit that but one day in the 10 day forecast but it changes almost daily. Once you get past 3 days out the reliability this time of year is sketchy.

For those of you that will call me on this post. I’m going to tell you now the same thing I told those that called or emailed about warm weather earlier in the season… stop, count to 10, and breath. It is completely normal to have warm and cold spells over the spring season. It is completely normal for the snow geese to migrate north on the warm weather and head back south on the cold snap. We have done this for 15 years and the snow goose migration happens pretty steady over the same time frame each year. There will be great hunting  and slow hunting at times. That is snow goose hunting and if you can’t live with the volatility of the swings you might not be made for the sport.

If any of you coming in on Feb 27-March 1 want to move to later dates I have a very few limited options for later in March. Contact me for options. Most of the time during the day I’m in the field and my computer is at the lodge so email works best.