Back to Mound City March 4

We are starting to run snow goose hunts March 4th back in Mound City. Currently there is a little snow on the ground. The Squaw Creek Refuge is frozen except for a small pocket of open water in front of the observation tower. The forecast for this coming weekend looks very good to me. Today it is suppose to be 39 with temp increasing steadily to Sunday at 59. This should help up out. The guys setting our snow goose decoy spreads said they saw one flock of snow geese yesterday. I drove the Missouri River bottom from Marshall to Kansas City yesterday. There were birds everywhere. I also received a call that 20 minutes south of St Joe and north of KC that there are three 15 acre ponds that you can’t fit another goose on. They are not far away now and I think with this warm weather there will be a snow geese migration.

Given the above information I’m fairly confident that there will be good numbers of snow geese over the weekend. Could I be wrong in my assessment? Yes but lord I hope not. Sooner or later we will catch a break in this weather.

If any of you are uncomfortable with my decision to hunt Mound City this weekend give me a call on my cell phone. We have other options we can discuss.

On the bright side the few snow goose hunters we have been able to run have done well for the most part. High field is 61 and low is a 0. The same group got both. Yesterday the fields shot 37, 30, and 14. Our average so far this year is just over 28 bird/field/day. From conversations with other hunters at the motel we are doing well compared to most. Hopefully this will continue.