Band From Sunday – Today’s Weather

Here is the banded snow we shot on Sunday. It is the only band this year with a crazy number of birds harvested. We can confidently say that we have shot over 80% juvy’s so far this spring season.  We feel this is going to be one of those years that’s talked about for some time. We have openings so it is not too late to jump in with us, call 563-380-7122 to get on the schedule.

It rained last night a fair amount and it was cold. The weather conditions this morning are ice covered however it is not even close to the worst conditions we have seen or hunted. Some of the hunters feel the hunting may be a bust today. Maybe, Maybe not, but you will never shoot anything staying in a motel room. After 18 years of running spring hunts, the one thing that is for sure, you don’t ever know until you quit at the end of the day how that day will turn out. Even a flock or two that works in tight can make a huge difference in the number of birds harvested. One of the best days we have ever had we were expecting poor results. The conditions were similar to the day before when hunting was slow. About 10 am the skies opened up and the birds bombed into the decoys on the first pass. There were groups that “knew it was going to be no good” that stayed in the motel. They missed out big time! Below is another example of a day back in 2014 that was worse ice than we have this morning.



And This

Resulted in this:

Not all of the fields did this well but this one did. You just never know. Go hunt, have fun, the pile at the end of the day shouldn’t be the only measure of enjoyment.