February 5 was likely the coldest day of our snow goose season. It was 20 degrees at shooting time. We have certainly hunted in a lot colder but not this year. Things went fairly normal for a cold day. Snow geese from the north migrating back south was most of the early morning then it slowed. I was a little concerned that the juvy’s who typically do not like this cold weather would leave and we seemed to shoot more adults so likely some of that happened.

Overall the day started ended well the exception of on field that shot only 4. The field that shot 4 said he saw more ducks than geese. There were a couple groups in the teen’s but the majority of the fields shot 30+ snows for the day. High field shot 57.

I have not posted on field conditions in a while. Currently, only 1 field is still wet. The rest is in real nice shape. For today they pushed most of the rain back to late afternoon and I’m not sure of the total rainfall as of me typing this post. If it is not a pain for you I would still pack wet conditions gear but right now you don’t really need it.