Bringing Dogs On Your Snow Goose Hunt

I know you guys like hunting with your dogs. I like hunting with mine too. Our rule is if you have your own field dogs are allowed. We don’t allow them on combined groups. The problem is that what is a good dog to you is not to someone else. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to dogs. Unless your dog is capable of not breaking and doing long blind retrieves you are better off leaving them at home. It is a myth that you need to get your dog on a lot of birds to make them good. They need to have the foundation drilled into them in the back yard and then it will carry over to the field.

If you want to bring a dog you have two options. 1) Bring 6 hunters so you have your own field. 2) Pay for 6 hunters and bring as many or as few hunters as you like up to 6.

Late Thursday we had a father/son call. They wanted to hunt on Fri/Sat. We had room, they lived only a few hours away so they came to hunt. When they got to the field in the morning they let two dogs out. When our snow goose guide told them they weren’t going to be able to hunt them the man said “We can make an exception just this time”. When our guide said we were not going to make an exception the gentleman got mad and left for home.

Please help us out. Something like this happens almost every year. If you want to bring a dog you can choose one of the two options that will allows you to bring your dog.