Drilling In The Rain

How do you get windsocks in the ground when it’s frozen? The answer: 18-volt cordless drill, a long masonry bit, & lots of batteries, &  rain gear today! All of the decoys are in the ground. Today it rained pretty hard but that didn’t slow us down. Later in the afternoon, a thick fog moved in. We saw birds while setting decoys. I guess we could have maybe hunted our Monday-Thursday groups as scheduled but given the fact that 3 of the 4 days will be rainy days I still feel like we made the right call. Weather delays are bad for all involved but unless you are going to give up spring snow goose hunting, you will have to learn to live with weather issues from time to time. Tomorrow we will need to get a couple more things done provided we don’t have thunderstorms.  

Meeting Time will be 5 AM for all of the Iowa hunts.