Early Bird Discount and Drawing For A $500 Hunt Credit

Our Early Bird Discount is running until June 15, 2017. You automatically save $25 per hunter off our regular prices. In addition, this year we are giving a $500 credit to one of those groups. Call 563-380-7122 for information or to book a hunt.

Here are the rules:

  1. Drawing date is June 16, 2017
  2. All members of the party must have the deposit paid. Example: If 6 hunters are in your party we need 6 deposits paid by June 15. If 5 have paid you don’t qualify for the drawing. All members are not paid.
  3. The person that booked the hunt will have their name entered into the drawing as many times as there are members of their party. Examples: Bob Smith has 6 hunters paid by June 15. Bob Smith’s name will be entered in the drawing 6 times. Bill Jones has 2 hunters paid by June 15. Bill Jones name is in twice. Randy Johnson has three in his party but only 1 has paid by June 15. Randy Johnson is not entered as they violate Rule #2.
  4. This is a credit that will be applied to the second half of payment that is due Jan 1, 2018 for a 2018 Spring Snow Goose Hunt.