Fall Duck Season End in Iowa

Our fall duck season ended in Iowa this past week. For the second year in a row we had very low water and very warm temps. Overall you could say it was a slow season. There were a couple good days. For the first time in my life I had the chance to shoot specks in Iowa. We ended up with three of them as a migrating flock dumped into the duck decoys. Until this year I had never seen a flock of specks during the fall hunting season.

This past weekend we got our first cold and snow. Yesterday while delivering everybody’s Christmas presents for Brown I saw 23 flocks of migrating honkers heading south. This is the biggest push I have seen in NE Iowa. Somebody down south that was hunting had a good day yesterday.

Looking at the calendar I have 7 weekends to prepare for the upcoming spring snow goose hunts. Time fly’s by but we will be ready. Most of the work is already done. If I can get some help one or two weekends we should good to go.

Hope everybody has a Merry Christmas.