Fall Season Begins



It has been some time since I posted anything on the site. Our yearly trip to Canada was great fun. I have not hunted at all since I’ve returned but hope to get started this coming weekend. Here are the picture from Canada.
Canada 2012 004

This first picture is a field hunt for ducks. Love to field hunt mallard ducks.

Canada 2012 019
This second picture is our waterhole hunt.
Canada 2012 027

The third picture is a 8 man limit of snows. Massive flocks of pintails worked us this day. I think we shot 18 ducks besides our geese.
Canada 2012 038

Here is a no wind day where we shot specks and snows.

Cranes and Specks

Our last day we hunted cranes with some home made crane windsocks. We decided to put out some speck windsocks out too. Good thing as most of the cranes didn’t come to this field but we picked up 20 specks with the 11 cranes. Cranes are a blast to hunt. We will be hunting them more often in the future.