Feb 15 – There She Blows

Holy wind Batman. The wind was howling at times today. Way too much; yes, there can be too much wind. Results were good, except for one field that shot 7. They did have a massive flock tornado in tight that was loaded with Specks; therefore, they couldn’t shoot. They would have likely gotten a bunch with that many birds so close. The rest of the fields ranged from 22 to 40.

Congrats to Tony, Clint, and the rest on the high field today. I hunted these guys personally for years in Mound City. If I remember right, Dennis from MI always booked the hunt. I didn’t put it all together until I saw the picture tonight. Good to see you guys back. Many years ago, we were hunting the field we called Ironwood. I was sick as a dog. We sailed a bird. Tony knew I was not feeling well, so he volunteered to go after the bird. I don’t remember the exact specifics, but my Chessie, Lil, ended up in the flooded ditch. Tony saved her, reaching down and grabbing her. She couldn’t get out of the raging water because of the muddy, steep bank. I have a lot of fond memories of hunting with you guys.