Feb 16-22, 2012: Likely the Best Week Ever

This is our 12th year guiding spring snow goose hunts. We have just come off the best week we have ever had running guided hunts. There were 3-100+ bird days & 2-90+ bird days and very  few of our fields dropped below the 30 bird mark.

Most of what we are shooting is juvy and Ross geese. They are decoying tight but they don’t make up a huge percentage of the flock.

I can’t imagine that this type of snow goose hunting will continue the entire snow goose season. If you are looking to still hunt the 2012 season we have room Feb 27-March 1. I can’t tell you how many times I have been told this year that February is too early to hunt snow geese. Each year is different based on the weather during the snow goose season. Most of this negativity towards February hunts is based on the 2008 & 2010 season when we had abnormally cold winters. You can’t base a decision on the extremes it has to be based on the average. We have had many huge days in the field hunting snow geese in February. This past week proves it.