Feb 2 Arkansas Snow Goose Hunt

The weather changed today. It has been warm and sunny all week until today. The morning started with a short rain shower then remained cool, cloudy, and windy the rest of the day. Our guides saw nothing coming from the south and only a few high flocks coming from the north. All and all nobody saw many birds. High field shot 13 and we shot our first 0 of the year. Slow days happen and this was one of them.

Tomorrow is the last day for these hunters. If you would like to rebook before you leave let me know and I will get you on the schedule. Otherwise if these guys don’t rebook the dates are open to anyone wanting to hunting opening week next year. Deposit are not due until June 15.

We have a few limited dates to fill for during the next couple weeks. Call 563-380-7122 to get info or book one of them.