Feb 3 Snow Goose Hunting in Arkansas

Today was another slower day. We very few staged birds in the area and they are being chased by a couple groups of hunters. The coming week looks good except for the thunderstorms in the forecast on Monday /Tuesday. Some are supposed to be strong. We don’t hunt in lightening so we will see how that plays out and adjust to the conditions. Otherwise it looks like migration weather. So we should start seeing more geese in the air. Hopefully some of those migrators stage in the area for a few days. There is a real lack of staged birds in the area since seasons opened. There was plenty while we were setting up but those pushed north and have not been replaced. That should change with time.

During the first five days, we shot 934 snow geese. That is a 24-bird average per field per day. It was very good the first three days and slowed the last two days. It all averages out. This is right at 300 birds more than we shot last year. We are happy with the first week of hunting. The coming week looks to have favorable weather

Saturday is the youth duck hunt in Arkansas so we will not be hunting. We are going to move a spread to a different location in the same area. There are a few odds and ends to fix up then we are back in the fields on Sunday. Meeting time is still 4:30 am.

We still have a few openings for those wanting to get in on a last minute hunt. Call 563-380-7122 or huntupnorth.com for details.