Feb 6 – Single Day Hunters

Today was a slow day. All of our fields were in the single digits. Unfortunately, most of the hunters we single day hunts around the youth ducks season. It is one of the reasons I’m not too fond of single-day hunts. They are what they are, good or bad. You don’t have other days to make up for a slow day.

Truman, Matt, and I worked on cleaning up a couple of the spreads. We brushed in the blinds at the first field with some stubble we cut in another area. The farmer mowed everything so short this year. It is a good location, so we want to hunt there, but we must hide the blinds to kill snow geese. The second field had a bunch of water that pooled up in the north edge of the spread when it rained. Then came the sleet, which filled the decoy bodies with ice. The wet soil and heavy body leaned or, in some cases, laid the decoys flat. They then froze when the water turned to ice. Today the temperature reached the low 40’s.

The forecast for this coming week looks promising. Warm, sunny, and some south winds might bring some of those grey birds back.