February Snow Goose Hunting

As of February 3 the refuge says they are holding just over 450,000 snow geese. It is a lot of birds for this time of the year but with the mild winter there have been birds in northern Missouri all winter. This year is shaping up a lot like 2009. I keep saying this over and over again that many of you are overlooking some very good dates in February. It would appear that this is the third year in a row that we will have good February hunting and low hunting pressure. As the years have gone by I have seen a trend of hunters wanting to hunt mid March. This is a good time too but I just don’t understand the hesitance to snow goose hunt in February. We have had hundred bird days from mid February to mid March. We have had blizzards over the same period. We are hunting the Midwest during winter even though we call it the Spring Snow Goose Season. In my opinion late February is as good as any time to hunt snow geese.