February Goose Hunting Continues

113 bird day noon pic


The last few years February snow goose hunts have been a lot harder to book than the first 8 years we guided hunters. For some reason a myth that March is the best time to hunt snow geese has developed. Notice that I say MYTH. Don’t get me wrong our March dates are good too but good snow goose hunting is not exclusive to March. Today is February 16, 2012. I would not have even ran a field today other than 1 guy called yesterday and asked if we would take him the next two days. This hunter (Monte) and guide Curt shot 113 snows. They had a little help from 3 of my guides until about 10 am. When the guides left they had 81 (pic above) but Curt and Monte where not done they had shot another 32 by themselves. This is an excellent day! Last year we started Feb 21 and our one group of hunters shot 70, 24, & 50 the first three days. In 2010 our best hunting was at the end of February. In 2009 on Feb 13 one field shot 90 birds. Days like these are above average but they show you that February dates can be good. We have a room from today through March 1. If you want to go on a snow goose hunt the next ten day forecast looks good.