First Week

We have just come off the best week we have ever had running guided hunts. There were 3-100+ bird days & 2-90+ bird days.

Yesterday was a mixed results day. We ran 3 fields on the guided side. It was also my first day I’ve been able to hunt. I was joined by 3 of my guides. We had 38 by noon but mid-morning I was called by a group hunting today wanting to know if they could get in the field in the afternoon. The were good shots and the 8 of us shot another 53 more in the afternoon.Totals for yesterday were 119, 91, 28 (didn’t hunt the afternoon flight), and 8 (had a feed next to them in the morning that was stealing the working birds – didn’t see much in the afternoon). So far we have shot 929 birds.

Moving the Kansas hunters to Missouri was the right move.

Most of what we are shooting are juvy and ross geese. However they don’t make up a huge percentage of the flock. When a flock fly’s over 10-15 birds peel out or 200. When the mass of juvy’s are around 50 or 100 will peel out.

I can’t imagine that this type of hunting will continue for ever but a guy can hope.