Hunting Has Slowed

For those scheduled to hunt Mound City, MO the weekend of March 16-18. You will be getting a call from me at the end of the day today if the hunting doesn’t pick up. The last two days have been slow. Yesterday high field was 21 and the low field was 5 with most being in the single digits. We don’t like running hunts when it gets like this. There is no way to avoid slow hunting…it is part of the game but we don’t like it. We keep waiting for a juvy migration. If that doesn’t happen in 80 degree weather with a south wind then we are going to move up to South Dakota a few days early.

Jim, Billy, and Cory left yesterday for the lodge but near Watertown, South Dakota Jim’s truck broke down. They plan on getting spreads in the ground today and tomorrow. The lodge called and said there were snow geese feeding in the field next to it yesterday. Temps this week up there are to be in the mid-50’s.