Internet Scouting

We have been getting a lot of calls lately from guys saying “the internet says all of the birds are in North Dakota.” First off the internet can be wonderful for some things but you have to remember no matter what the source it is someone’s opinion. Many of the forums are filled with young guys who hunt a fraction of the time each year as we do. They have friend who are in the know on just about everything. In reality they are usually not very accurate and a lot of times its just gossip. A couple years ago I had 4 groups call and asked if we were cancelling hunts because “on the internet” someone said all of the birds were gone in NW Missouri. We shot almost 400 birds that day and it was our best day of the year. Take the source with a grain of salt. The reason why I started this page was so my hunters would be informed about our hunting. We have done this a very long time. I have a network of friends that guide. We share information back and forth. It is far more reliable than anything that’s “on the internet”. You hired us to do a job for you. Let us do it. If I feel the bird numbers are such that I need to move or cancel hunts I do. I just spent two days moving my Missouri hunters to South Dakota because the bird numbers in Missouri dropped like a rock. This year overall has been good.

The first day of our SD hunt was a migration show. Flock of migrating waterfowl filled the air most of the day. Tryg said it was one of the biggest migrations he has ever seen. Not just Snows but Honkers, Specks, and Mallards. The fields shot 19 and 6 with the migrating flocks not wanting to stop real badly. Regardless of the number shot Tryg said it was one of the most memorable days in the field with migrants.