Iowa’s Timing Is Looking Good

The first of several spreads was set yesterday. There is a little snow on the ground. Most will be gone by Wednesday when the temps near 60 degrees. Rain is in the forecast for 3 days but after that is looks like a very good forecast for us. We saw a small number of snow geese flying over our decoys as we were setting them. That will continue to increase as the temps warm up over the next several days. The guys hunting in Missouri are having a little better luck with the snow geese than those that hunted in Arkansas. Every dog has his day. We are hoping that equates into better hunting for in Iowa as well. The weather during the short time we will be in Iowa looks warmer with sunshine. 

Anybody looking to get in on a last minute snow goose hunt we have room March 14-March 24. The forecast looks good and there are a lot of birds at about the right distance south of us. Give us a call at 563-380-7122. Brad will get you hooked up.