Last Pick

Today started with fog and no wind. The forecast was for an NW wind however it was out of the SW or W most of the morning depending on which field the guides were in. Today’s high temp got to 56 degrees and we were peeling off clothes only to have a front blow through late afternoon dropping the temp’s 20 degrees almost immediately. It got really windy. Then at dark, it started to snow.

Hunting was really good today. The low field was 25 and the high field was 127. The high field was a fluke pick. We didn’t have many groups today due to the youth duck hunt on Saturday. Once the guides running hunters chose their fields 3 of the guide decided that we would hunt the one close to the house. There are so many juvy’s this year. If you are in the field on the day when the right birds are flying over it is crazy how the decoy. If this kind of hunting continues (which it may or may not) it will be a really special season.