Looks Like A Break In The Weather

It looks like we will get a change in the weather. For once it is for the good. Temps have been revised up. We resume hunts Friday the 15th. Looks like the weather will be treating us good. There is a ton of snow goose in central MO and IL. These birds should be moving with this forecast. We should be in a good position to catch them as they push north.  

Since the last hunts in Arkansas, most of the guides have gone home. Those of us that we going to hunt Iowa are either waiting at home for the weather to break or are in Decorah getting ready for 2020 by organizing gear, fixing broken blinds and decoys, and drying a lot of gear out. Sunday Jim is rolling south to look the fields over. Monday or Tuesday we will begin setting decoys. Hopefully Wed or Thu we will be hunting snows. Hunters will start on Friday. We have heard reports of improved hunting in central MO so we hope that will continue as they move north.