March 7th

We started the day with 1-2 inches of snow on the ground. The one thing about snow is that the light reflects upon the birds, displaying their beautiful coloration. The bad thing about snow is it makes for tougher snow goose hunting. Iowa has already been a tougher go than Arkansas. We didn’t need it.

We had single digits hunts in all of our fields, with the high group shooting eight snow geese. It is primarily adult birds in the area, lots and lots of them! Impressive numbers for sure. Once the sun came out, the snow all melted, and the birds gave us our decoys a better look.

Tomorrow is back to south wind and warm. At the end of the week, the weather looks interesting. I’m still thinking about options for the last weekend in Iowa and the first two hunts in South Dakota.

I’m not ready to make a decision. The long-range forecast is wildly inaccurate in predicting the weather. Even 48 hours out, it changes often enough. I’ll come up with something. I’m pretty confident that the coming weather will not push the birds out of the area.