Meeting Time 4:30 AM

Tomorrow is the first day of the spring snow goose season in Arkansas. The number of snows geese we are seeing daily varies. Some days its flock after flock of migrators. Other days we just see a few trading flocks of snow geese. Since we have been here there has been a bunch push north. In the last several days we have been seeing large flocks from the north heading south. Winter is far from over. When we get that big snow storm that is yet to come we hope it covers Missouri and Illinois. That would give us a big reverse migration. Those birds are always susceptible to big spreads of snow goose decoys. Saturday morning Curt said it was big flocks heading south all morning. In the afternoon, I didn’t see too many snows but there was a bunch of specks around. 

Meeting time for the first day is 4:30 am. The meeting location is in your confirmation letter. It’s the same place we have met for the last couple years. Have a safe drive to Arkansas and we will see you in the morning. If you have any questions you call my cell 563-419-3572.