Meeting TIme 5 AM for March 4 – Please read below.

Yesterday the boys saw 2000 birds in Mound City. The refuge is 99.5% frozen. Tryg said most of the snow will be gone by today. The forecast temp Thur-Sat is supposed to be in the mid 40’s low 50’s with a good south wind. I’m banking on this to move birds into the Mound City area. However I want you to be comfortable with this decision. If you are hunting March 5-7 and are uncomfortable with the current conditions we should talk. We currently have 3 options on the table…hunt in Mound City, reschedule this year, or reschedule next year. I’m fine with any of the three decisions. I’m going to leave the ball in your court. I would rather have you push back or reschedule to next year rather than go away unhappy this year. Our business is built on repeat customers. I’m leaving the ball in your court to make the decision. My gut tells me that birds are going to be there by the weekend. However in the back of my mind I have a little doubt. I would be more comfortable if there was even 10-20,000 bird on the refuge with the current forecast. You make the call as to what your party wants to do and let me know.