Arkansas Snow Goose Hunts – Monday Results

The weather yesterday and today was much different than forecasted at the end of last week. All of our snow goose spreads are either coated with freezing rain or in a field the is snow covered. Tomorrow we are suppose to get another batch of freezing rain or rain. We are right on the line so we could get either. Those coming in this weekend should expect some colder temps and wetter conditions. Saturday is another day with either rain or freezing rain.

Today’s results were 56, 21, 7, 0. The zero didn’t see many birds but the other fields saw snow geese almost all day long heading south. There were birds north of us but now they are reverse migrating due to the weather conditions. The weather needs to return to average to get the snow goose migrations back on track. When the weather normalizes the hunting is going to pick up. There have been a bunch of juvy’s in the snow goose flocks we are seeing on the warm days.