Nebraska Snow Goose Hunting 2/23/16

2 22 16 NE Curt double band

Field conditions for those coming into Nebraska to hunt snow geese this weekend is dry. Meeting time is 5:15 am at the lodge. A map with directions is in your confirmation packet.

The above picture of the two banded snow geese that Up North Outdoors, Inc. snow goose guide Curt shot Monday as he hunted by himself. They came in as a pair. They were banded the same day in 2010 and were only 25 numbers apart. We have had this happen 2 other times. One the birds had consecutive numbers back about 8 to 10 years ago. The other was just a couple years back and the numbers were only 7 apart.

Curt hunted this morning and shot 12 snow geese. He didn’t hunt this afternoon but drove around. There are about 150,000 birds on the lake. They had a good afternoon flight.

I have been getting a bunch of calls from hunters wondering my thoughts. The weather this year has been very different. The snow geese are scattered over a very large area. Currently there are birds from Arkansas to the North Dakota border. This doesn’t normally happen. I’m in South Dakota today. I did a bunch of driving from I-90 up to Aberdeen. There is enough birds to hunt. Not millions of birds number but good numbers. With the weather this year I don’t think there is going to be anywhere that the snow geese will stack up unless we get a big snow storm. For now we are going to start hunting in Nebraska and see how the bird numbers hold up there.