Nebraska Snow Goose Hunting 2/25/16

bird on lake

Yesterday we set spreads and unpacked gear at the lodge in Nebraska. I went to the lake in the middle of the day to see how many birds where there. I was glad to see a good sized raft of snow geese. Using google maps measuring tool I estimate the size to be 1.3 miles long by 1/4 miles at the widest. The posted count on 2/22/16 is 300,000 snow geese. Way more than plenty to hunt.

In a few minutes we will be meeting the first group of the year in Nebraska. We have been running guys already however those guys had booked Arkansas hunts and we moved them up here when the lake hit 900,000 snow geese. It worked out for all involved. The Arkansas hunting picked up and the Nebraska hunters did well too.

If you would like to get in on a spring snow goose hunt yet this year we have room in Nebraska. Call Brad 563-380-7122 to get booked. We are very flexible this late in season.