Nebraska Snow Goose Hunting Reports 2/28/16

Sunday was slow hunting. The wind blew very hard all morning 35 mph with higher gusts. Everybody saw very few birds. A trip to the lake showed us very few birds returned to it mid day. Friday there was 900,000 birds on it and that afternoon was a very impressive flight. Lower and south winds on Monday should tell us a story if all those birds moved elsewhere or if they just laid low on farm ponds with all of the high winds.

We are working on scenarios no matter what the cases. Those of you coming in should wait to buy you licenses until just before you arrive. You can get you HIP number at no cost but the license can be bought on line the night before you hunt.

There is a snow storm that is going to hit southern South Dakota but it is pretty far south and not a lot of snow. I don’t know how many birds will blow back with this weather.