Nebraska Snow Goose Hunts 3/3/16

Slow hunting today. High field shot 3 with one zero on a partial day hunt. Yesterday there was 200,000 counted on the refuge and in my opinion there was more on it today. That being said these are some of the toughest birds we have hunted all season. They are in a pattern of heading back to the lake about 10 am and fly off sky high in the afternoon late. I followed them tonight and they finally landed 50 miles away 20 minutes after sunset. They set in the field for about 10 minutes then the flock jumped up and headed north in the dark. Because of the darkness I couldn’t follow them. They will likely sit on the rainwater basin ponds all night then head back to the lake tomorrow. There was a lot of birds coming out of the south today into the lake. The big question is are they new birds or are they birds that have been here that fed to the south.  I have loaded a video on the Facebook page showing the number of birds on the lake today.