Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Hunting Report 2/27/16

2 27 16 Curt NE

Another average day hunting snow geese in Nebraska. High field was 25. The wind blew very hard today. It’s suppose to do the same tomorrow.

I’ve been getting a lot of calls about the snow goose migration. Many are worried that the all the birds are moved north. Some have however there will be more to come. The snow geese are spread out over a very large area this year. Yesterday we had 900,000 on the lake. Today not as many but it was 75 and a south wind. We expected to lose some. I received reports from Arkansas and south Missouri that today was a good day down there. There is nothing that can be done about the weather conditions. Realistically it is February 27. Winter is not over. I have a hard time believing there will not be one or two major snow events coming that we don’t see in the 15 day forecast. If you look past 3 days what is predicted is wrong as much as it is right.