Nebraska Snow Goose Hunting- Is the new normal abnormal weather?

I have had more than one of you point out that I have not posted here in a while. One of my guides had to go home to take care of some personal matters so I have two hats… guiding hunters and keeping the snow goose hunts organized. I apologize for the lack of posts.

  • 3/9/15: high field 36 low field 5
  • 3/10/15: high 21 low 4
  • 3/11/15: high 23 low 1
  • 3/12/5: high 50 low 15

The weather has went from abnormal cold to abnormal hot. It was an 80 degree swing in a week. That is generally not good. Slow steady increase is best. It doesn’t look like the weather is cooling down between now and March 19 when we wrap up. I know there are a ton of birds in Arkansas and SE Missouri. How long it will take the birds to move north and will they swing this far west is an unknown. This is our first year here and I’m guessing they will move through here but it is juvy’s and ross. They are lazy and don’t move long distances like the adult snows do. I don’t believe they are strong enough to move long distances without stopping and resting.

Those coming in on Mon-Thurs. The ball is in your court. If you want to come we will hunt you. If you want to move to next year we are fine with that as well. You can call or text 563-419-3572 or email With the warm weather the bird are sitting on the water during the middle of the day. Hunting has been best before noon and the last two hours of the day.

Todays hunting slower than yesterday so far but it is really windy out of the north. Not much snow goose migration is expected on a wind like this.