On The Road

Today I drove back home via SW Iowa. I checked out all of our fields. Most are a nice staked cornfield. It will be easy to hide in them. On the way up I did a quick stop in Mound City, MO. There are some snow geese on Squaw Creek. It didn’t look like too many. It is fairly typical to see some birds up there this time of year. I would bet they are some mean adults, likely with some really old bands. There isn’t any snow on the ground. There was a little in the Springfield area and north for a while, but well south of Kansas City all the way up to I-80 there is little if any snow on the ground. I left Arkansas this morning at 4 am, arriving home a 9:30 pm. 

This morning there was little if any wind. The guys say lots of high flocks heading south from the north. It is tough to get birds to work well with no wind. They come in at weird angles. This afternoon the south wind picked up, then starting at about 4 pm to dark the snows rolled out of the south. Today was an ok day. The high field shot 19 low, the field shot 5. All but the low field were in double digits. 

Tomorrow will is the youth/Veterans hunt in AR. The guides have the day off, they will be calling those hunting Sunday. I’m heading back early Monday weather permitting. Sunday in NE Iowa is calling for 6-8 inches of snow.