Rainy Snow Goose Hunt Today

Today was the slowest day we have had this year. Slow on a year with exceptional snow goose hunting is still not too bad. Two of the groups left at noon when it started to pour rain. Those fields shot 12 and 38. The full day hunt shot 28. On days when it rains the snow geese normally stay in the field feeding all day. You don’t get an afternoon flight like on a sunny day. If you are in the right spot you can have small bunches trading around all day and some great snow goose hunting.

Hunting overall this snow goose season has been above average to date. Right now we are sitting on a 34 bird average. With almost half the days that figure into the average being half day hunts. This is a really good year!

Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge is loaded up pretty good with snow geese. There are enough specks around to screw up a few flocks of decoys snows. They slide into the snow goose flock at just the wrong time so we can’t call the shot and then they lead them away.