Sheep Dog

We decoy a sheepdog today. Although we saw thousands of birds pushing north the dog was about the only thing that thought the decoys looked interesting. He laid there for a while hanging out. Then he when he decided he had enough he walked back home.

Saw lots of birds pushing north today but it was very similar to many of the days in Arkansas. Here they come, there they go. A lot of them have stopped for a rest on all of the flooded fields in the area. There are all kinds of roads closed. With one of the spreads, all of the roads that we knew to use was closed during the night. We sent the hunters to the fields we knew we could get to and at first light, we were able to find a safe path to the last one. Tomorrow has a south wind for part of the day. I would imagine we will see more birds heading north. Hoping some of these think like the dog.