Snow Goose Hatch

Rocky Rockwell called National Snow Goose Federation (NSGF) today. His bird banding count was 7,500 snows 60% juvies 40% adult.

Here is a post he put on the NSGF FaceBook page.

National Snow Goose Foundation you and your friends should buy lots of ammo and get ready. Highest juvenile/adult ratio in years in my part of hudson bay lowlands. Birds are already staging and moving. 5-10 thousand already moving south out of churchill. not sure where some of them are coming from – assume north of us – but they are on the way when I left churchill on august 16.

Rocky Rockwell

For those of you that don’t know…Rocky Rockwell is the head biologist and has studied snow geese for decades. He helped institute the conservation order (spring season) and is a friend to hunters. He believes that snow goose numbers need to be reduced for their long term survival.