South Dakota Snow Goose Hunt 3/18/16

We ran the last group yesterday and they shot only 1 bird by noon. We had the last two spreads in the ground and while one guide ran hunters the other pulled decoys. The spread being pulled had several flocks of birds try to land while Billy was pulling it. Jim says he even made a video of him trying to catch some by hand that had landed. Fitting end to a very odd season I guess.

Some of our snow goose hunters have made a few requests this past spring the I’m thinking about. Around the beginning of ┬áMay we will be sending out credit memo, invoices, and a postcard for what we will have going on in the 2016/2017 waterfowl seasons. I have a lot of decisions to make in a short time frame.

Good luck to those of you still trying to chase the white geese.

Finally I would like to thank our hunters from this past season. Weather is 100% out of our control. We are all disappointed on years that play out like this but having understanding and flexible customers really makes the unpleasant phone calls to move or postpone dates a lot easier to make. The vast majority of you were great. We thank you.