South Dakota Snow Goose Hunts 3/10/2016

After a lot of pulling, setting, and driving we have everything out of Nebraska. Although not planned we ended up in South Dakota running one group a day until a week from Saturday. There is a ton of birds in the area or as the text read from the guy we are hunting read…”There is probably a billion geese here, holy cow”. We know there isn’t a billion but to see that many birds on your first snow goose hunt is impressive. It’s still impressive to me and I have been hunting snow geese for almost 35 years. They hunted this afternoon shooting 9 birds with a few admitted misses. They are having a great time.

Any of you want to hunt in the next week give us a call 563-380-7122. We have the ability to hunt one more group per day. The weather looks warm for a few days then a cool down later in the week.