South Dakota Snow Goose Hunts 3/13/16

Yesterday we lost half of the snow geese staged in our area. Still plenty to hunt and I believe still more to come. As much of the spring has been, the birds we are hunting are flocks of adult snow geese playing follow the leader. Decoying success has been fair, we are killing a few and missing a few that drop into the decoy spread.

I got reports yesterday of snow geese migrating into North Dakota and Saskatchewan. Towards the end of the week it looks like we will return to more normal temps. Billy and Jim are running the last groups in South Dakota.

I’ve been home for a few day. There are not too many years it is warm enough to sleep with the windows this time of the year. If you need to contact me call my home number 563-382-0530. Cell phone reception is poor at our house. I will receive most text messages but the phone calls will just roll to voicemail. Sometimes it doesn’t show a voicemail until a day or two later.